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  • Managing your production should be easy.

Today, more than ever, manufacturing companies face great challenges if they want to operate efficiently. This is even more true when all the company's data is scattered in several software applications that do not communicate with each other.

With Zoho Creator, we can help you centralize all of your data and turn it into information that can be used to drive your business success.

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Revolutionize your business with Zoho Creator production management software.

Say goodbye to paper-based systems and rigid software - the low-code revolution is here! Save time, reduce effort and increase profitability with customized ERP software solutions for the manufacturing industry built on Zoho Creator.


Automate complex tasks, such as approval procedures and process routing, to manage orders and invoices.

Inventory tracking

Manage the availability of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods and MRO on a single, searchable cloud-based interface.

Invoice processing

Generate accurate BOM reports and scan invoices using OCR to streamline purchasing policies.

Distribution management

Use barcode scanning, map-based API functionality and automatic SMS/email notifications to track your outbound shipments, every step of the way.

Quality control

Enable your QA team to relay real-time product quality details with photographs and reduce maintenance costs with predictive analytics.

Customer Experience

Provide your customers and suppliers with a dedicated self-service portal for quick tracking of quotes, orders and consignment inventory.

Why choose Zoho Creator to automate your business?


Zoho Creator offers solutions to very specific problems in your business.

Easy to use

Tailored to your processes and the way you work, Zoho Creator is very easy to use


An ERP designed with Creator can automate many operations and eliminate duplicate operations.

Integrate, automate and transform at scale

with customized ERP systems as unique as your business operations.

Generic solutions rarely work, especially in the dynamic world of enterprise applications. So why choose standardized ERP software, only to waste time and money on implementations and customizations? It seems counter-intuitive, and if you dig a little deeper, you'll realize that it's also counter-productive!

The solution, a customized ERP system.

A custom ERP solution or platform allows you to quickly create ERP from scratch with little or no code. Low code platforms, such as Zoho Creator, are increasingly used to design, manage, automate and integrate enterprise systems.

With Zoho Creator and the help of the Gestion-BSP team, you can consolidate your information and standardize your processes in a meaningful way, at a lower cost.

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Zoho Creator, a "low code" platform.

Features of our ERP software for the manufacturing industry


Build and integrate your applications faster.

Upgrade of existing systems

Easily migrate and integrate your existing systems.


End-to-end encryption with cloud backup


Guaranteed Gestion-BSP uptime of 99.9%.

Managing your production should be simple. At Gestion-BSP, our mission is to simplify our clients' manufacturing processes, improving their efficiency while increasing their profits.

Install, customize, go!

Inventory management

Optimized control of your inventories

Order management

Accelerate your sales operations

Supplier management

Simplified supplier management

Distributor management

Efficient automation network